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Software Trouble Shooting

Software troubleshooting is the process of scanning, identifying, diagnosing and resolving problems, errors and bugs in software. It is a systematic process that aims to filter out and resolve problems, and restore the software to normal operation. It is a subcategory of IT troubleshooting.
  • Free up RAM by closing other open programs.
  • Free up RAM by closing other open programs.
  • Restart the software.
  • Shut down and restart your computer.
  • Use the Internet to find help.
  • Undo any recent hardware or software changes.
  • Uninstall the software, then reinstall it.
  • Look for software patches.
  • Scan for viruses and malware.

Windows And MAC Dual Boot

While Windows 10 is still a few weeks away from a public release, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy its brand new features right now. Anyone with an Insider Preview account can install Windows 10 on their computer. And that doesn't just go for those that own a Windows PC—Mac users can get their hands on Windows 10 as well.Mac OS X has a native way to run Windows on your computer with a tool called Boot Camp Assistant. In this guide, I'll show you how to get a hold of the ISO file you'll need, create a USB installation drive, set up a partition, and run Windows 10 alongside OS X on your Mac.

Virus Removal in Software

Sometimes when you run your computer you have to wait a long time until it loads completely. With this software you will delete all unnecessary tasks your computer does during that time saving space on your hard disk. By installing this program it will analyze even the data users don’t see by themselves in one click thanks to its One-click option. iSafe Virus Removal Tool’s interface is very intuitive with a complete range of functions to help you eliminate the spyware. On the left side of the program it displays a menu with several options to choose from: Protection, Cleanup, SpeedUp, Software Manager or Health Check. Users can select any function they want to apply depending on their computer’s status. Health Check provides a full scan to see the number of suspicious files detected. It offers a quick analysis in which it tells users the level of safety of their computer. On the top of the interface we can switch between tabs depending on if what we want to check is plug-ins or our network. The add-ons are classified into type of browsers (all additional software from IE, Firefox and Chrome are separately) and iSafe Virus Removal Tool are in charge of reporting users if they are using an old version and suggests them to upgrade the product in case they want.

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