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pple makes a series of accessories for the Mac that includes the Magic Keyboard and second editions of both the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. They were last updated last year, the big new feature being built-in lithium-ion batteries and, for the keyboard and trackpad, new wedge-shaped designs. That meant they could be charged and re-charged over USB to Lightning cables all while sitting flush on your desk. Well, except for the Magic Mouse, whose old design prevented use while charging...
  • Redesign the Magic Mouse so it can be used while charging.

  • Add Force Touch and Force Click to Magic Mouse.

  • Add Touch Bar and Touch ID to Magic Keyboard.

  • Split/ergonomic version for Magic Keyboard.

  • Retro deep travel clickety-clackity version of Magic Keyboard.

  • Magic Number Pad (or extended option) for Magic Keyboard.

  • Space Gray option on all Magic accessories.

  • Ahem. Black, jet black, gold, and rose gold options on all Magic accessories.

  • Switch from Lightning to USB-C connectors on all Magic accessories.

  • Extra USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 connector for daisy chaining additional accessories.

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