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All Brand Laptop MotherBoard Repair and Replace

Welcome to Teitmall IT laptop motherboard repair service for all brands such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Sony, Apple and Fujitsu. The different ports or components on a motherboard can fail due to electrical spikes, electrical surges, rough handling, heating issues and usually liquid spills resulting in your laptop to function abnormally. we have component level laptop motherboard repair specialists to troubleshoot and fix all your issues. If a repair company has stated you that the laptop motherboard is beyond repair and needs replacing, give us a try before opting for a new motherboard as it is not an economical option. We not only repair the DC socket or replace a defective resistor, capacitor, diode or bad IC components; we can fix problems and offer specialist BGA rework / reflow for Northbridge, Southbridge and graphics chips and Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs) and Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs).

Blue Screen Solution

Why Blue Screen is Bad for Your Laptop Health
A Blue Screen of Death is commonly known as the “Stop Error”. This issue only occurs when the situation is very serious and Windows must stop completely. Usually, the BSOD is a fault related to hardware or driver. Along with the Blue Screen of Death, a STOP code is displayed, which can assist in resolving the fault. The first thing to see is if the PC restarted after the BSOD and before you could read the STOP code or the blue screen shows up while you restart. The blue screen has various errors in itself and all can be differed by the STOP code shown. However, you can refer to common troubleshooting steps to get rid of the fault. But in most cases, you will have to look for solutions for the specific STOP code.

Laptop Support

broad lineup of laptops in almost every major category. The user can get the laptops from the level of students to the high-end gaming. It makes very affordable and extremely aggressive laptops once you buy Laptops you will get the best tech support than to any windows PC in the market. Here the things struck between the battery problems although it offers a very powerful battery with minimum 8hours power backup. Here the experts’ Laptops support defines the ways to solve the battery problem. There is a big advantage of it is that you can make it charge without the charger too. This is something magical you had seen. Yes, you can make it charge by any universal adapter too. See without the battery laptop is just a box where you can’t make anything. Here are ways to charge it.

Laptop Technician

All computers slow down with age, but often for different reasons. To get your computer up to speed, we begin by performing a comprehensive hardware and software diagnostic. The cost of this service applies towards repair packages.Our technicians will back up your important data (documents, pictures, media, etc.) onto a DVD / CD (includes up to 20GB), or we can transfer an unlimited amount of data onto a new hard drive. If your hard drive is damaged we also can perform data recovery. A technician will scan the structure of the damaged or formatted drive and search for any recoverable data. After the data is recovered we will transfer to DVD or USB Drive. This service includes 2GB of data recovered. We can also backup more data at an additional charge.

Laptop Panel Relacement

Are you in need of an hp laptop screen replacement in Nairobi? Struggle NO more. Tarakilishihub services have all hp model screens and other accessories. You must match the resolution, backlight, and screen size to your current screen. You cannot deviate from your current screen specifications. Purchasing a hp laptop screen replacement in Nairobi with different specifications will not work with your system. If you are unsure what your current screen specification is, please contact us and Tarakilishihub services we will gladly help. Also Note: You will receive a 100% compatible hp laptop screen replacement in Nairobi. The exact brand and part number of the screen you will receive is determined by market availability.

Laptop Upgrade

Once your laptop becomes a few years old, you face that familiar question: should you upgrade or just buy a new notebook? Obviously a new laptop will cost a lot while an upgrade will be cheaper, but cheaper isn’t always the best option. Before you make the decision, there are a few things you should know. For example, there are only certain parts that you can upgrade yourself, and that too if your laptop lets you do that. Plus, upgrading parts will almost always void your warranty. So, what can you upgrade in your laptop, and what are the risks involved? Are said risks worth the savings? Keep reading to find out.Not everything in your laptop can be upgraded easily. Unlike a desktop PC, several parts of a laptop are soldered on, which means they can’t be removed. This is why it’s a good idea to future-proof the laptops you buy (whereas future-proofing is bad for desktop PCs).

Laptop Fixing

Laptop Repair specializes in friendly, expert computer and laptop repair. We'll make your computers run as fast and smoothly as possible. If you want to be treated well and have your desktop or laptop running better than ever, come to Ducktoes virus removal and computer repair lab. Or if you're wondering where to take your computer for repair in Calgary, bring it to our our shop. We'll start fixing it today.

Laptop, Desktop and Server Repair

  • All kinds of laptop, desktop, server, and electronics repair of all makes and models.
  • Windows, Apples (Mac) and Linux computers.
  • Virus removal without reformatting so you don't lose your important files or photos.
  • Electronics repairs of many kinds of devices. Soldering and circuitry repairs.
  • Overheating and overclocking issues for all types of computers including gaming computers.
  • Laptop hardware and virus removal are done in-shop only due to needed specialized tools and time required.
  • If you want friendly, expert staff and to have your computer running better than ever, come to our computer repair lab in Calgary or give us a call.
  • For laptop repair we have highly skilled full-time laptop hardware techs who can fix all types of laptop hardware problems including power jacks, keyboards, screens, fans, overheating issues, liquid spills, soldering jobs, loose cabling, and, sometimes, if financially feasible, motherboards and discrete video cards. See more information below.

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