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BGA Chip Replacement

A common problem after bumps and falls in the Macbook is the motherboard damages. The graphics card or processor in modern laptops is soldered directly to the board, but they can be replaced. Our service center has all the necessary equipment for replacing the GPU and other BGA chips. Chips can be installed new or pre-ordered, the delivery time depends on the model of the chip. We have top-line BGA rework systems and a fully trained staff of engineers and operators to support you. This combination provides you with a repeatable process with every project meeting the highest quality standards.

DC Power Jack Repair

Why Blue Screen is Bad for Your Laptop Health
The laptop power jack is not easy to repair. The easiest way to repair it is to replace it. If there are no spare jacks for replacement, it is possible to repair them. In case there is a broken central pin, I would not recommend joining it by soldering it because it can break again. Usually, we take out a piece of the pin that is soldered on the motherboard and join the central pin to the motherboard with a piece of wire. This is a proven way to fix the problem permanently. If your laptop doesn’t get power after plugging it in, first we will check to make sure your charger is working. If the charger is working and the laptop still won’t get power, it’s probable that you will need a DC jack replacement.

Graphics And Non-Graphics Conversion

All Laptops mother boards mostly has Nvidia graphic chip set failure most of the laptop face that one of the graphics card problem. we can give a alternative a solution for this problem. its able to all the mother boards which has graphics chip set problem. we can convert these nvidia,ati, amd graphics to intel graphics. we need to change and remove the some components procss on circute path otherwise not possible for discrete to uma but some of the mother boars can graphic to intel graphics converting discrete to uma process just removing the graphics chip or gfx supply coil only display will switching work automatically graphics chip set to intel chip set this types of discrete to uma is easy way of the process
  • mbx 224 conversion
  • R5807 / R5806 change from 0Ω to 4,7k
  • R5795 / R5809 / R5796 / R5810 – change from 40Ω to 100Ω
  • PR222 change from 27k to 39.2k - PR183 change from 15K to 10.5K
  • Add inductor in L76 and L77
  • Add capacitor in C6155 and C6158

Laptop Power Supply

Alternatively known as an AC/DC adapter, AC converter or charger, an AC adapter is an external power supply used with devices that run on batteries or have no other power source. AC adapters help reduce the size of a laptop computer by alleviating the need for a standard sized power supply. A laptop power supply, or PSU, is what gives the laptop its power to function. It is also used for charging the battery of the laptop. If it is not functioning already, you will not be able to charge your laptop. A replacement can easily be installed if you know what type of power supply you have

Laptop Service

The highly skilled technicians of Touch Solutions offer cost-effective and effortless service to the laptops of all brands. We thoroughly diagnose the issue to start working on it with the use of the latest tools and techniques. Whether it s related to repairing and replacement of your motherboard, or changing the LED screen of your laptop- we do it all. laptop and desktop industry but there not many repair centers available in Delhi for servicing. Our companies of trained technical experts provide home repair service of all software and hardware related issues of your Lenovo computer. Be it slowing down of your computer or be it a repair of its motherboard, we are dedicated to provide you the best service at the cheapest possible price. Delhi’s slow traffic and the inconvenience faced in taking computer peripherals or laptops to repair shops coupled by the busy life of today makes us the best choice of people for serving their software and hardware issues. Our dedicated team of highly experienced and well qualified experts leave no stone unturned to keep our customers happy and satisfied with their service.

Laptop Display

Laptop screen is most sensitive and costly part for a laptop. It’s very frazile. If unfortunately your laptop screen is broken or not working properly, don’t worry, we can repair it and if required we will replace it with a very low cost and a one year service warranty. All size and models of LED/LCD screen are available with us.Dim or dark display or black LCD and tinted LCD red color Intermittent and completely dead es. Damage to the front of the display. Blank display, Faulty display, No Light for such problems we offer complete and thorough LCD repairing services at suitable prices, while making no compromise on quality of the services. Our professionals are highly qualified to assist customers by handling laptop

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